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Harry's complete lack of ducks
24 May 2024 @ 06:52 pm

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Harry's complete lack of ducks
A Field Guide to Spotting Boy Band Babies in the Wild

This is not my fault! I was asked for a primer to help tell the One Direction babies apart, since they appear to be taking over tumblr and twitter and all social media. If you have a pre-teen in your life (or a rabid fangirl) this is a handy way to fake knowing what the "kids these days" like. (And me. I like them. I'm sorry.) In fact I quote elucreh "You kept posting pics of them sticking fingers in each other!! It's not my fault! Now I need to know which one is which."

And of course I replied, "Oh my god, I would be DELIGHTED!!" (I am not sure they are sticking their fingers IN each other? But at? On? Near? Kissing? Groping? Hugging? YES. ....well, maybe Louis and Harry are.)

Oh, this makes me laugh. ♥

Now that I have learned to tell them apart I am here to spread that very important knowledge. There are seriously a million pictures under this cut.Collapse )

So now you should be prepared to talk to the pre-teens/teens/obsessed fangirls in your life. Did you pick a favorite? You HAVE to pick a favorite! I am very close to saying, "Can't all of them be my favorite? ;_____;" but any 12 year old will tell you that no, that is not an option.

This entry also exists at http://harriet-vane.dreamwidth.org/795965.html. Do with that knowledge what you will.